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Self-Love Sunday 2021

Featuring Jen Miller, Sarah Sapora, Lili Pettit, Ashley Vives Williams, Raia “Coach” Carey, Paul Fishman, Danika Brysha, Katie Henricks

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Self-Love Sunday is a special Valentine’s Day event designed to help us honor and strengthen the most important relationship we have — the relationship with ourselves.

We’ve gathered nine leading self-love guides for a 3-hour virtual event unlike anything we’ve done before. Invite your friends or your partner, cozy up on the couch with your favorite drink, and show yourself that same love you so graciously give to others on Self-Love Sunday.

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate your longest, deepest relationship alongside the Self-Care Society community this Valentine’s Day.

Special offers from our guides:

Join Jen’s FREE 5-day challenge, Tapping Into Alignment, from Feb 22 – 26th.

This EFT tapping challenge is designed to shift you into alignment with your authentic self and reconnect you to your intuition. Each day, you’ll receive access to a new guided EFT tapping meditation plus accompanying journal prompts. We’ll also have a private Facebook group for real-time connection, support and community.


IG: @jenmillerco
Join the waitlist for Sarah’s Self-Love Sessions and be the first to know when her mentoring group re-opens:


IG: @sarahsapora
Lili’s 8-week Sacred Space journey to clear the clutter and create flow in your home and life: https://clutterhealing.com/sacredspace

IG: @clutterhealing
Get a free 12-page printable Self-Love Made Easy Workbook + $10 off Ashley’s Drag and Drop Morning Routine Planner (The Feel Good Morning). Also, snag a BONUS Group Coaching Session if you sign up for BUNDLE OF JOY: 2 Self-Confidence Courses for the price of one TODAY ONLY!


IG: @coachashleyvives
Learn more about Coach Carey at https://www.careycoach.com/

IG: @coach.carey
Join Paul’s “Date Yourself” – an 8-week journey to using Self Love to manifest the relationship of your dreams.


IG: @paulfishman
Join my 30-minute Monday Morning Motivation Classes here on SCS at 4:30am PT and 6:30am PT tomorrow morning. Unlimited classes are included for all Self-Care Society members.

We’ll be working through the 9 Habits of Successful People (hint: one is that they wake up early) and doing exercises to support this as we start a new week

RSVP for 4:30am PT: https://myselfcaresociety.com/class/monday-morning-motivation-60-2021-02-15/

RSVP for 6:30am PT: https://myselfcaresociety.com/class/monday-morning-motivation-59-2021-02-15/

IG: @danikabrysha
Join Katie’s one-day Body Shame Detox workshop on February 27th or March 13th.

Finally get free from:

beliefs about your body, sexuality & worth

toxic environments that keep you comparing, judging & hiding yourself & your gifts

inherited shame handed down to you from family and culture

blocks/walls that keep you from receiving what you want

habits that suck the life & time out of you


IG: @katieh.coach

Featuring: Jen Miller, Sarah Sapora, Lili Pettit, Ashley Vives Williams, Raia “Coach” Carey, Paul Fishman, Danika Brysha, Katie Henricks

Class Length: 190 minutes

Live Date: February 14, 2021


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