Self-Care On-Demand – Class #3: Reflection, Support, Visualization, and More

Self-Care On-Demand Class

In November’s on-demand session, we pack in a lot.

Danika covers eight exercises in total — in just 3o minutes — and we’ll practice some gratitude, reflect on themes (and learnings) from the day, practice intentionality in how we organize our to-dos, write a recipe for our highest selves, manifest a bit, and so much more.

The same 30-minute, guided self-care classes that we offer live… now available whenever you need a little extra self-care along the way.

As always, in addition to our 50+ guided live sessions each month SCS Members also get unlimited access to on-demand self-care classes.

November On-Demand: Reflection, Support, Visualization, and More

In this month’s class, we’ll check off all of the following boxes:

  • [   ] Meditation
  • [   ] Gratitude
  • [   ] Reflection
  • [   ] Support
  • [   ] Intentionality
  • [   ] Clarity
  • [   ] Visualization
  • [   ] Connection

And you know we’ll pull a card for the month to come 🙂 Enjoy!


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We hope you enjoy November's on-demand class!

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