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Self-Care On-Demand: 9 Habits of Successful People

Danika Brysha - Clarity, Nourishment, Intentionality, and More

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For this on-demand class, Danika will guide us through a whopping ten self-care activities, inspired by The Mindset Mentor Podcast with Rob Dial, including: 

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Spoiler Warning!

We recommend you participate in activities as class goes along, though encourage you to do whatever’s best for you. The following class notes are provided to serve as a reference, in case you need a written example or a little inspiration along the way.

Stop reading now to avoid spoilers.

9 Habits of Successful People On Demand

Class Quote

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

Helen Keller



#1: They wake up early.

How may hours of sleep do you want? What is your ideal wake up time? What time would you need to be asleep to achieve this? Add 1 hour for your in bed/buffer time.


  • I want 8 hours
  • I want to wake up at 4am
  • I would need to be asleep by 7pm
  • In bed by 6pm


#2 They have proper nutrition and sleep.

In terms of food/drink what way of eating/drinking/consuming makes you feel your best? What helps you (or would help you) have the best quality sleep?

Examples: Nourishment: sugar and alcohol free, limited caffeine, Paleo-ish, lots of water and tea. Sleep: dark and cool room, unplugged from electronics early, limited fluids prior to bed, exercising during the day, limited caffeine.


#3: They write down their goals

Write down 5 of your big life goals


  • Have children
  • Financial Freedom
  • Be able to invest in others
  • Live in another country
  • True Presence


#4: They have work ethic

What are your top 3 to-do’s today?


  • Rest/Nap
  • Order gifts
  • Look at flooring options


#5: They read really often

What are some things you feel called to learn about right now?


  • financial wellness and investing
  • cyclical living
  • organic gardening


#6: They plan their week every Sunday (proactive vs reactive)

What do I want to stop doing that I did last week?
What do I want to start doing this week?
What do I want to continue doing this week?


  • Stop – leaving meditation or movement until afternoon/evening
  • Start – napping when needed, yoga or pilates in addition to walks
  • Continue – time in the garden and outdoors, mindful eating, no screens in bed

Gratitude & Affirmations

#7: They are super positive in self-talk and practice gratitude

Write one statement of gratitude about your life.
Write one guiding affirmation for the week.

Examples: I am so grateful for the beautiful life we are building. I’m grateful for my garden, our home, my partnership, our sweet dogs, and the ability to do what I love each day.
I am magnetic. I am expansive and growing in every way. I am living presently and see joy and gratitude in everything.


#8: They have mentors

Write down three mentors you currently have in your life.

Examples: Suzy Batiz, Marianne Williamson, Kate Northrup

Write down three mentor categories or specific people you are calling in.

Examples: I am calling in a mentor for financial expansion, business growth, mindful motherhood.


#9: They exercise almost every day


We hope you enjoyed this on-demand class. See you in class this week.


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  1. Thank you Danika, I really enjoyed these activities! This is a perfect list to reference daily or weekly when reviewing whether my actions are aligning with, and supporting, my goals and intentions; and, for staying clear on what those goals and intentions are.

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