Self-Care Community Spotlight: Lisa (Haverhill, MA)

Self-Care Community Lisa

Meet Lisa.

Today’s Member Spotlight celebrates an SCS founder and true light in the community, Lisa Desberg!

A true lover of life, Lisa is a high school teacher, mama, and lover of the dynamic teaching/learning relationships she has with her students and the world. With a consistent focus on feeling good, Lisa knows that taking care of herself and showing up is a gift to all those who she encounters.

Learn all about Lisa’s experiences with an “organic” self-care routine, how she pivoted her mindset to turn a divorce into a superpower (yes!), and how she is manifesting a future teaching her very own SCS classes to teens and teachers. You’ll feel Lisa’s vibrant energy in every word. 

Lisa 101

Location: Haverhill, MA

Current Bio:

Lisa Desberg is a lover of life. She lives in Massachusetts with her beau, daughter and doggy in a happy house. They enjoy each other’s company when it’s just them or when family and friends come over to spend time. Lisa loves to read, write, talk, go out to eat and drink (well, not now given the pandemic), connect with others, and learn about self care and woo woo stuff like that.

In her professional life, she has written 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month on three occasions, earned the honor of her high school’s teacher of the year two times, and written curriculum for different English department electives. She also has a side hustle helping rising seniors write their college essay.

What is one aspect of your personal identity that is important to shaping who you?

I advise & care & listen & plan & help & adjust & model & engage & I LOVE to teach English and advise high school students. Yes, I’m the teacher, but every day I learn alongside & I appreciate my students.

What’s one surprising thing the SCS community may not know about you?

I was a high school (Sharon Eagle), college (Boston University Terrier) and professional (Wally the Green Monster of the Boston Red Sox and Blades of the Boston Bruins) mascot!

Favorite Books: “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant, “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas, poetry by Rupi Kaur

Lisa’s Self-Care Journey

What initially drew you to the concept of self care?

I like to live life on high. I like to feel good. That matters to me and it transfers to others.

When did you start and what did that look like for you?

I’ve practiced self care for so long that I can’t possibly pinpoint a time; it’s only recently that I realized what to call it and how to carve out time to do it with others through SCS. It looks like thinking, talking, meditating, moving, bathing, breathing, and loving myself. Now, it’s on a whole new level with my SCS soul fam.

Do you have a regular self-care routine?

My routine is to practice self care “organically” throughout the day and to make it to as many self-care society classes as possible. I also keep a journal of SCS practices that I partake in and share with others who are interested.

What are some of your go-to self-care practices? 

Breath work and affirmations AUTOMATICALLY turn me around . . . whether it’s my rising angst or my negative self talk, these two turn the negative right around.

What is the biggest area of growth that you are working on at the moment?

I’m working so diligently on positive self talk and self body image.

What is one struggle you’ve transformed into a strength?

I was once embarrassed and ashamed that I am a divorced woman. Now, I see it as strength — I was strong to realize what wasn’t working for me and for my future. Now, I’m in the most healthy and loving relationship with my beau of 10 years while productively co-parenting my daughter with my ex.

What lights you up? When do you feel at your highest and/or most inspired?

My students light me up! They have sass and spunk and smarts, and I appreciate and acknowledge that they — past and present — are my inspiration and make going to school a ton of fun!

Lisa’s Self-Care Tips

What tips would you give someone new to self care?

Give it a try! It’s a healthy and positive outlet in a really crazy world.

Do you have any hacks/micro-habits (5 mins or less) that you know work for you and could recommend to others?

Set the time for a minute or two or five and get something done in the room you’re in! Oh, and play some music and joyfully dance around while doing it.

What do you do or tell yourself when you need a little boost?

I channel Tom Brady. Let’s goooooooooo! And, I manifest and visualize something bigger, better, bolder, and brighter!

Any Self-Care Society takeaways so far?

Self care is a gift, a real blessing. It makes every moment of every day a little or a lot better. The community of like-minded people who are part of SCS are gems, and I appreciate knowing them. They get me, and I get them.

Lisa’s Future Bio

Manifestation time…

Lisa Desberg is a high school English and character education teacher. She knew she wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a little girl, so it’s no-brainer she is in her 25th year of teaching. What really lights her up in addition to her traditional role is teaching self care classes for Self Care Society. She specializes in and is passionate about guiding teens and fellow teachers, but she’s happy to lead all classes. Lisa is happy and healthy and loves her family, friends and Self Care Society community.

Bonus Lisa

Anything else you’d like to share with the self-care community?

I just love everything about this community. I’m thankful to be a part of it. Like, super, duper, shmuper thankful.

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your light with us today. 

For more Lisa, be sure to connect with her on Self-Care Society, her Instagram @l_des (personal) / @msdesberg (teacher) or check out her incredible side hustle, @slaytheessay, especially if you know of any seniors looking to crush their college essays in the coming year.

…and be sure to keep an eye out for Lisa’s SCS classes for teens, teachers, and beyond in the future 😉 

Thank you, Lisa… we honor you today!

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  1. Lisa, I live in Mass as well! So nice to read about your self care journey!!! And also, I channel Tom Brady tooo hahaha (must be a Mass thing lol). I’m always like, “well if i’m going to be the Tom Brady of furniture painting” I’m going to have to train and eat clean like a pro! Too funny, I had to share! So nice to “meet” you!