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Embracing Expansion

Featuring Brie Lyndon

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So often as women, and especially mothers, we’re told time and time again that we ought to aspire to “have it all” – the family, the career, the keeping up with the Joneses. And this type of hustle mentality can leave us feeling depleted, overworked, and still like we haven’t achieved what we *really* want out of our one, wild and precious life. In this class, we’ll be working to define our dreams, identify our limiting beliefs, and find ways to begin to chase what we truly desire in ways we perhaps didn’t think were possible.



Class Guide: Brie Lyndon

Brie Lyndon is a wild woman, San Franciscan, partner, mother, therapist, and nature lover. She feels most alive when she’s connecting with other strong women and supporting them as they navigate how to chase their wildest dreams and become their truest selves. Brie is currently finishing her masters degree in integral counseling psychology and working as a therapist trainee at a community mental health agency in San Francisco, CA. You can often find her walking through Golden Gate Park or playing with her family near the ocean.


Featuring: Brie Lyndon

Class Length: 45 minutes

Live Date: May 22, 2021

About The Community Expert Series

We’re all teachers, and everyone in the SCS community brings with them unique perspective, wisdom, and expertise. Through this program, we hope to feature a wide variety of themes, ideas, and perspectives to help us all learn and grow together — every Saturday morning.


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