4 Tips To Harness Your Style Superpowers with Melissa Chataigne

Cultivating Style Confidence w/ Melissa Chataigne

Ever met someone that just glows?

Someone whose mere presence is so positive, carefree, and confident that they seemingly light up an entire room?

Hopefully you are this person, but more often than not we see someone like this and wonder just how they do it? Did I somehow miss out on this personality trait? What exactly is their secret?

Here’s the thing: Confidence is not something we’re born with. 

It’s something we build through life experience, trial and error, growth and setbacks, and by being vulnerable enough to show up authentically in the world. 

Most importantly, true confidence is built on a foundation of self-love. When we begin to love ourselves more, we can begin to show up more confidently and in alignment with our truest selves.

Self-Love and Style

As it happens, self-love and style go hand in hand, too.

When we present confidently, we do so not only on a personal level — how we show up, interact with, and treat others — but also in the way we dress.

Your closet is a representation of how you want to show up in the world. What is yours saying?

How To Cultivate Style Confidence

We recently had the pleasure of hosting our first-ever expert workshop with Access Hollywood style & lifestyle expert Melissa Chataigne.

In this special event, Melissa shared her personal journey, reflections, exercises, and tips to help guide attendees to step into their own styling superpowers… and begin their journey towards true style confidence.

Attendees learned how to:

  • Break down their ‘armor’ and be more comfortable their own bodies
  • Find their superpowers as an instrument of change 
  • Discover personal style, while working with what’s already in their closets
  • Show up authentically and create a wardrobe with confidence

Your closet is a representation of your personal brand, lifestyle and how you show up. What are you saying?

Melissa Chataigne

Workshop Overview:

  1. Breathwork & Mantra
  2. Melissa’s Background
  3. How tragedy helped define her “why”
  4. What is style confidence?
  5. Style and self-care
    • Where to start
    • Finding your super power (questions + reflections)
    • Identifying your personal style (questions + reflections)
    • Cleaning out your closet (questions + reflections)
  6. Becoming more confident  (4 key tips)
  7. 6 tips to find your signature style piece

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As a bonus for SCS members and non-members alike, here are 5 closing tips from the workshop to help boost your style confidence...

4 Tips To Boost Your Style Confidence

Becoming more confident in your personal style won’t happen overnight. It all starts with a shift in mindset.

Here are five steps that Melissa recommends:

1. Use a mantra

Begin every day with a positive mantra. Post it on your mirror, and repeat it to yourself daily.

E.g. “I love my strong legs.” Or as one SCS member shared in the chat, “I love my height and my presence. My style reflects my charisma and my power.”

Before you reach for your cell phone to check how many likes you received on your last social post, begin your day with a little boost and reminder of what makes you uniquely you.

2. Get naked

The most toxic and negative people are hurt and unhappy themselves. Take the power back from the haters, a turn insecurities into superpowers.

Imagine if we were no longer fearful of our arm flab, stretch marks, thick thighs or skinny ankles. What power would body-shamers have on us? None.

Get naked and admire all of you. Touch all the parts of you that you have problems with and give those areas some extra positivity and love. Try and tap into your inner monologue and become aware of how you are speaking to yourself, and flip any negative statements into positive affirmations.

3. Eliminate and Accentuate

To be confident you must love yourself first.

Take steps to actively eliminate negative self talk, and always remember to always speak positively about yourself and others.

Make a list of both physical and non-physical traits that you love about yourself and be sure to let yourself gush a little bit. Instead of focusing on which “flaws” you want to hide, let’s focus on highlighting your favorite assets.

Once you've got your list, look at ways that you can highlight these assets with little outfit tweaks throughout the week.

Start by finding a signature piece. This is one item that stands out to enhance your ensemble; it makes your outfit pop, and is a little something that can transform even the most simple outfit. Make it:

  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • In line with your values and goals
  • Quality
  • Be bold, not bland
  • Consistent and recognisable
  • Aligned with your persona

4. Spread the love

Finally, pay attention to the inspiration all around you and make note of looks you'd like to try yourself. When you see something you love, go out of your way to compliment someone — whether a friend, co-worker, or stranger on the street.

You'll get inspiration for your wardrobe, you'll feel great for offering that little boost of support, and who knows the impact your small act of kindness might've had on their day. You may even make a new friend!

Always remember: Together we rise.

Thank you, Melissa!

If you enjoyed this workshop as much as we did, be sure to follow Melissa on Instagram and keep an eye out for her upcoming style programs, ebooks, and workshops through the end of the year, and into 2021.


For more in Self-Care Society's Expert Workshop series, be sure to keep an eye on our calendar to look out for upcoming events like this.

Lots more great stuff coming up very soon. Hope to see you there!

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