A 30-minute soul workout that you can do from just about anywhere.

Why Self Care Society?

Live, streaming self-care classes to help you upgrade your daily routine and stay accountable to the change you wish to see in your life.

You eat a healthy breakfast. You drink enough water. You get your body moving. But how can you do something for your soul?

It’s hard to stay accountable to ourselves and make the time to practice self care. Between our jobs, family, and other obligations, most of us struggle to carve out this time for ourselves. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone

Self Care Society offers live classes to help you stay accountable. Designed to give you the freedom and permission to prioritize yourself for a change, all you need is 30 minutes and an open mind to transform your week.

Most of us struggle to reserve time for ourselves. With SCS and 30 minutes a week, you can see meaningful change from the comfort of your own home.

Vulnerability breeds connection and SCS provides the space for this work. In creating a community where we feel supported, we’re more likely to open up and transform.

We crave community. We want to know that we aren’t alone. We want to connect with like-minded people while we build the unique life of our dreams. We can achieve more together.

Too many are afraid to dream without permission. “Who am I to have this?`` “I’m too old for that.” “There’s no way.” All bullshit, and we’ll show each other why.

PS – On-screen participation is volunteer-only. If you want to stay anonymous, that’s completely okay too!

Lifestyle Design Expert & Self-Care Coach

Danika Brysha

Your Coach

Danika is an expert in lifestyle design and self care. Using the practices you’ll learn in our classes, Danika went from living in her parents’ garage, six-figures in debt and struggling with her body, food, and self worth, to designing a life that was beyond her wildest dreams. She is Co-Founder and CEO at Model Meals, a healthy meal delivery service, the creator of The Brunch Series, a 66 city women’s wellness tour and a Body Positive Fashion Model with IMG Models. Danika’s greatest passion is sharing with others the tools that dramatically transformed her own life so they can create and live the life of their dreams, too.

After touring the country last year, working with thousands of women from all walks of life teaching them about self-care, visualization, manifestation and more, she recognized a great need. Too many of those she spoke with felt beyond overwhelmed with work or family obligations, and in many cases, isolated or lonely. They found themselves last on their list of things to take care of, not realizing how much more they could accomplish by putting themselves first.

It became clear that there was a need for accountability and community within our daily lives. A place was needed to connect, offer support, and maintain consistency in positive thinking and actions towards the life we want for ourselves. Inspired by her own daily self-care checklist, Danika is taking these practices digital in her passion to elevate the life experience for all.

Danika’s Upcoming Classes


What I have learned from Danika and incorporated into my daily routine has changed and literally, saved my life.Unfortunately for a long time prior I had checked out of my life emotionally and by doing the self-care checklist and the other tools Danika has taught, I’ve discovered the importance of taking the time each morning to think about what serves me and aligns with my values and goals. It has been such an eye-opening experience to realize that committing to small daily changes can lead to big accomplishments! It has led me to have the confidence to reach for those goals and be able to create a life worth living for myself. Thank you Danika for providing these tools!


The activities Danika had us participate in have been life changing, to say the least! The self care checklist has been incorporated into my daily routine. Practicing daily affirmations has completely transformed my attitude and my outlook on life.


I’m sitting here journaling, knocking out my morning routine and loving every minute of it! Ever since I met Danika, I’ve been writing a biography of my future self and I’m so grateful! What a gift! At first, I thought: ‘How am I going to do this?!’ Yet, it has honestly become one of my favorite things to do! It gets my imagination working and gets me even more excited about my life! Thank you for sharing that tool with me! It’s been a game changer!


What an empowering, insightful, intentional, soul-filling day! It’s awesome to be connected to such like-minded people. And to Danika, thank you for taking the time to pour into us the self-awareness and love that you’ve found for yourself. Your stories are inspiring and incredible and I’m so grateful I was able to take part in such a kick-ass experience. Now, I’m more motivated and encouraged than ever to start pursuing my dreams in my heart and filling my cup with the things that nourish my mind, body and soul. It’s not that we don’t have the answers, we just rarely create the space to hear the answers. All our answers are inside.


Sample Agenda

A different soul workout every week.

Danika will guide you through a variety of exercises during your 30-minute class to ensure that you go into your day making choices that support the highest version of yourself.  From writing prompts and visualization, to quick meditations, goal setting, and mindset practices, you’ll prime yourself for success in the morning so you can give from a full cup all day long. 

Because classes are live, you’ll get a different “soul workout” every week. Even better, you’ll take classes live with a community of like-minded people from all over, where you can share your experience (or hide out behind your screen in your pajamas) and make new friendships to last beyond the barrier of a screen.

  • Do you have trouble staying accountable to things like meditation, gratitude, affirmations, goal setting, and mindset work? 
  • Do you draw a blank when you open your journal and can’t figure out what to write? 
  • Do you find that those 30 minutes you carved out for your morning routine keep getting skipped over amidst the business of life?
  • Do the activities you do in your routine start feeling repetitive or less impactful over time?
So grab your bulletproof coffee and your journal, light a candle, and join me every Monday to change your thoughts and change your life.

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Have questions? Ask away! We're here to help. If you have questions or are just wondering if SCS is right for you, we'd love to hear from you and we would be happy to help.


Live, streaming self-care classes
help you upgrade your morning
routine and stay accountable to the
change you wish to see in your life.

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